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During the Western Conference Finals of the 2015 NBA Playoffs, Lil B began questioning NBA superstar James Harden's "cooking dance", who has been doing that dance all season long, and tweeted that if he doesn't receive an answer from Harden regarding that dance then Harden will receive the "Based God curse" similar to Kevin Durant. Lil B claimed that the Houston Rockets lost to the Golden State Warriors with the score of 98–99 in Game 2 was just the small taste of it and in Game 3 with the Rockets losing to the Warriors again with the score of 80–115 (with a 35-point deficit which 35 is the jersey number of Durant). On May 24, 2015, Lil B announced on TMZ Sports that he has placed Harden under the "Based God curse" for the remainder of the playoffs and further notice. On May 27, 2015, Lil B was present at Oracle Arena for Game 5 where the Warriors ultimately defeated the Rockets with the score of 104–90 and become the Western Conference champions. Additionally, during this same game Harden set an NBA Playoff record with 13 turnovers, prompting Lil B to publicly consider lifting the curse.

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